“Nomadic Experiment – Tons of Tools” solo show at Product81 gallery

Miami - USA - 2014

At this stage 2501 worked to cut a long story short, what we traditionally call reality is in fact a simple montage. On the basis of that conclusion, the aesthetic challenge of this residency resided in recomposing that montage: studio space was an editing table that enabled him to realize alternative, temporary versions of his techniques with the same material (basically lines, black, white, gold, brushes and surfaces). Thus, he manipulated forms, reorganized them and incorporated them on big canvas deconstructing the script-frame on which the illusory legitimacy of those canvas was grounded. He was de-programming in order to re-programming, suggesting that there are other possible usages for techniques, tools and spaces at our disposition. Hence, by replacing one tool with another the process has been really experimental. By using a couple or even more different sizes and shaped brushes, the empty space he started from was covered by traces, overlapped lines, layered marks which describe the act of painting. From Muralism to studio, from façade to canvas and vice versa.