"Involving Doubts" double show 2501-Francesco Igory Deiana at D406 Gallery

Modena - Italy - 2014

The exhibition "Involving Doubts" brings together the work of 2501 and Francesco Igory Deiana who shared life experiences and research methods.
The design culture that derives from non-academic years in Milan is animated by a common attitude that starts from graffiti, from urban space and from its lesson to adapt to the context.
2501 and Francesco Igory Deiana resume a common search, working on the border between the abstract dimension, its constraints, its resources, and the ability to intervene on them with an act of transformation that transfigures them into another.

The artists enter and act in the field of the image, ranging from the line / form to the composition according to the principle that research driven by doubt is in itself engine of research itself.
The Igory Deiana's solid geometric shapes are filled with the wild black texture of a ballpoint pen and often flipped to images shot by a screen that blends organic textures with organic shapes.
2501 features paintings on paper, ceramics, transparent surfaces and works made with la Macchina 01, an interactive installation built by the artist through which mechanical movement is combined with continuous painting, according to the idea of ​​the loop.

Their imaginary are atypical mosaics, composed not only by their personal visions but also by what they carefully observe and assemble from the outside, combine and solve.
The assumption is working on two channels, to meet the opposite, natural and synthetic, analog and digital, linear and circular, fluid and dry, micro and macro. Duality is first and foremost a relationship, and as such it doubts in itself. In every process, whatever manual or mechanized, doubt exists, and it is there, in its encounter, that the elaborate is born.